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Here at Bluebirds we value the feedback from all of our parents/carers and partners very highly so please feel free to download and complete our questionnaire.

Bluebirds Nursery Parent Questionnaire

We would like to thank all parents/carers who attended our recent ‘stay and plays’ and completed our questionnaires about Bluebirds Nursery. Your opinions and suggestions will help us to continue to improve our Nursery.  Here are the issues that have been raised and what we are doing to address them:

  • All parents/carers agree or strongly agree with the statements made on the questionnaire except for the statement regarding the safeguarding policy (Please see attached results table).
  • To address this, we have relocated the safeguarding information boards in both rooms to make them more visible.  We have also discussed our safeguarding policy with the parents/carers who were unaware of it and shown parents/carers where the policies are kept.  If any parents/carers would like copies of our policies and procedures they are available via our website or you can ask at Bluebirds for a paper copy.
  • Parent/Carers of children in the baby room are pleased with the new room and commented “fantastic environment for our little one” and “visited baby room today and very impressed with facilities”
  • Other comments made were:

“Nadine and the staff are always pleasant and helpful and work excellently together”

“Very happy with staffs efforts”

“I am very happy leaving her knowing she is safe and well looked after”

“I am extremely happy with the standards of Bluebirds Nursery”

“Marilyn is really caring and a very nice nursery teacher (Key worker) as are all staff, they are lovely”.

“I was really anxious about starting my child in nursery however, Bluebirds really helped me and my child has settled in amazingly. I will always listen to my child and her reactions and I can fully see that she is very happy at Bluebirds and enjoys her days at Nursery”.

“I agree that the nursery is more suitable with a baby room. However, as my child has moved from the older children, I feel she is missing out on learning and interacting from older children”.  The younger children do get to spend time with the older children at the beginning and the end of the day.  The transition process for children moving up into a different room begins the half term before they are due to move to ensure that children are ready for the move.

“Happy with overall nursery, but would like more outdoor activities for older children e.g. visiting parks and exploring” – this is planned for after Easter, we have been concentrating on making sure the children are settled and have strong attachments with their key person before taking them offsite.

“At times, the nursery can benefit from having more staff………..staff look overwhelmed” We have addressed this by changing our staff rota to allow for more staff to be in nursery at the beginning of the day.

We would like to thank you again for your time and continued support.

Head Teacher           Martin Davies

Nursery Manager       Nadine Tibke