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Charges & Remissions


We believe the children benefit from outside visits, journeys, visitors and extracurricular
activities in sport and the creative arts. We follow government
regulations on charging. When an event takes place during school time, we ask
families of children benefiting to share the cost. Legally, we are requesting
voluntary contributions, but if we do not receive enough to cover the cost, plans
may be cancelled.


Remission of Charges

No child is barred from attending because his/her parents have not contributed.
Families eligible for benefits and others the headteacher determines are having
financial hardship, are not expected or pressured to pay. We keep such
information confidential and handle situations discretely.


Activities Covered

This policy applies to payments for any books, recorder lessons, children’s school
equipment (pens, etc.) and school events such as discos.
In years 4, 5 and 6 children go on journeys spending 2-4 nights away.
Government regulations allow us to charge the cost of board and lodging for
children, except for those families eligible for benefits.


The School Fund

We do not want any child to miss these valuable experiences. The school voluntary
fund subsidises the overall cost, if necessary, so that the entire class can benefit.



All payments, including dinner money, should go into an envelope with the child’s
name, year group and what the money is for. The pupil should take the envelope
to the School Office first thing in the morning.



If you have a query about a charge, Office staff are available between 8.30 a.m. and
4 p.m. to answer queries.