Anti Bullying

Anti Bullying

Here at St Nicholas Catholic Primary we always try to promote positive behaviour in and around school.

We believe our children should be helped to reach their full potential and not be unfairly discriminated against because of gender, social or ethnic background, physical or intellectual ability or disability.

We are proud that we have children and friends from all over the world and we always try to ‘get along’ with others.

Through our PSHE, Anti bullying week, Celebration Assemblies and Come and See we look at the demands being placed on today’s children ( inside and outside of school) and equip them with reusable tools that help them manage these pressures. We focus on resilience, well- being, growth and self-worth, helping children to understand their own area of strength and difficulty and showing them how to take control and be excited about their future.

While the emotional aspects of bullying continue to be devastating, the internet and social media have changed the way children experience bullying. We are here to help you prepare them for what they might encounter online and deal with cyber-bullying should it happen.