E- Safety

As E Safety Co-ordinator, Ms McKenna can offer support in keeping your child safe online. We have links below for your information but if you require further information or suspect any online bullying or that a child/children may be in danger using the internet/device please inform school immediately.

At St Nicholas, we take online safety very seriously. A number of members of staff are trained in CEOP ‘Think you know’ material and this year we have started to embed this material into our curriculum. As part of Safer Internet Week, all of the children took part in workshops to show them how to keep safe on the internet.

The internet opens up so many educational and social opportunities for our children, whether on a computer at school, a laptop at home, a games console or mobile phone. All of these devices allow the children to communicate with the wider world. As you would protect your child in the real world, you will want to make sure that they are safe whatever they are doing. This page is designed to give you more information and tools to help make your child safer online. Please see our links below for further advice.

Social Media Advice

Technology Advice

Online Gaming

Parent Info (CEOP)