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Year 6

Welcome To Our Year 6 Class Page


Thank you for visiting our Class Page. Year 6 are taught by Miss Walton, Mr Edgar and Miss Frohwein (1 to 1 support) 

We are a really enthusiastic, lively bunch of learners who are striving to do well this year. Some of us have known each other since Nursery and Reception and we are hoping for a lovely final year with our St Nicholas friends. 

As we are in Year 6, we are all prefects and we have the responsibility of looking out for the younger children in the school and setting a good example to all. We try to live out our school's mission statement and code of conduct every day. 


Head Boy - Abdullah 

Head Girl - Lillie

Deputy Head Boy - Adam 

Deputy Head Girl - Matilda 

Pupil Council - Jacob and Arianna

EAL Buddies - Jamela and Luis 

House Captains - Georgia (Faith), Kaidn (Hope), Abbie (Charity) and Grace (Peace) 



Please keep an eye on our page for information. We will be posting the homework and spellings each week. 


P.E is on Tuesdays and Fridays - don't forget your kit! 

Homework is set on a Friday and is due in by the following Tuesday

Spelling Test - Wednesdays each week - please learn your spellings! 


Bye for now! smiley




All booster groups will start this week. Your child will be bringing home their confirmed day, time and subject today (Fri 18th Jan) The children will be given booklets to work through during these sessions, which they should remember to bring each time. The children can also use these booklets at home. Please be aware that these books do have answer pages inside. We keep them in there as it can be useful for families to refer to and we trust the children to revise maturely and responsibly. 

Homework this week: 

English: Carry on with the Relative Clauses Home Activity Booklet that we started in class. You have 2 more weeks to finish this and there is a guide to help parents with the terms at the back of the booklet, if you need to ask for help. 

Maths: Complete the Algebra booklet.


Spellings this week: marvellous, muscle, necessary, neighbour, nuisance, occupy 

Please write out your spellings and learn them for the test on Wednesday 23rd January 

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