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Attendance & Lateness

Attendance and Punctuality


At St Nicholas Catholic Primary our aim is for every child to achieve and reach their full potential. Regular attendance and good punctuality is vital, however we do appreciate that from time to time children can be unwell and may need to be absent from school. If you child is unwell please contact school no later than 9.30am and either speak to Mrs Needham or leave a message on the school answer phone. If you do not contact the school you will receive a phone call from Mrs Needham as part of our ‘First Day Response’ when registration closes asking you to confirm the reason for your child’s absence.

The school gates open at 8.45am and close at 8.55am. If your child arrives later than this they will receive a ‘late’ mark on the register. If your child arrives after 9.30am it is automatically an unauthorised absence.


However, these times have changed as of September 2020 due to the ongoing Pandemic.  Please see the following link for all of our new timings.


Our School Attendance Target is 97%


School attendance is monitored very closely. We have an attendance of 97% which is the minimum level expected by the Government. We work closely with our Education Welfare Officer to monitor the attendance of every child in our school. If your child’s attendance falls below this percentage and it is a cause for concern you will be contacted by Mrs Needham and our Education Welfare Officer. If your child’s attendance continues to be a concern this may result in a court appearance or a fine being issued by the Local Authority.



Due to ongoing Covid-19 concerns, we understand the difficulties our community will face with issues such as self-isolation and returning to the UK form ‘Home Countries’.