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Welcome to the PTFA section of our website.


The PTFA would like to thank, staff and parents that helped make the Bon-Ween Disco a success.   If we didn’t have your help it would make it really hard to run these events for the young people.  It looked like the young people really enjoyed themselves and that is all we can ask for. 
We will hopefully have some more fun-filled events in the future so please keep checking our page on the School website and feel free to contact us if you have any questions, any feedback about the Bon-Ween disco or if you have any ideas for future events. You can so this via


Welcome to our newly formed Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA)


What is the PTFA?

St Nicholas Catholic Primary School PTFA are a group of people whom help to organise events for the school and the wider community for both fund raising and social purposes.


Who can join the PTFA?

All parents, relatives and friends are members of the PTFA and are welcome to attend any of our meetings.


What are the aims of our PTFA?

Our role is to encourage closer links between home, school and the community. We will do this by the following three aims:


 1. To Enrich the Curriculum 

To provide extra activities not already provided by the school.  Activities will be fun and social activities that we hope make learning interesting and exciting.


2.  To  Fundraise

In order to provide extra activities, we need to raise money throughout the year and we will do this by holding events for both children and parents.


3. To Develop our Community

To create more community links between parents, teachers and the local community. We will do this by raising awareness of events being held in the local community and developing events within our own community.


Further information and how to contact your PTFA:

For further information keep checking this section of the website or email

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