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School Sport

Here at St Nicholas we are very proud of the variety of Sports that we make available to our children. Throughout the course of the year the children take part in a variety of sports activities throughout their PE lessons. Some sports in this year's curriculum include; Dodgeball, Tennis, Gymnastics, Dance, Athletics, Tag Rugby and Orienteering. Overall we try and influence children to take an active interest in sport from an early age.


A variety of clubs are also available after school for children including football, netball, multi sports and basketball throughout the course of the school year. Giving our children the ability to take an interest in sport can improve their mental and physical health as well as give them access to external competitions in sports.


Throughout the course of the school year our children take part in many competitions. We currently have boys and girls football teams involved in leagues, we have taken part in a variety of sports competitions such as water pollo, cricket, dodgeball and many more.