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Tiered Restrictions and National Lockdown Guidance

Please click below to read the National Guidance from the Government relating to the Tiered Restriction system and National Lockdown Guidance.

3.12.2020 - National Lockdown has ended and Liverpool has been placed into Tier 2 of the new Tier system.  Please click on the link below to view the new restrictions for Tier 2.
5.11.2020 - A new National Lockdown has been announced and will come into force from 5th November 2020.  Please see the link below for a list of restrictions and guidance from the Government.
13.10.2020 -  Guidance on additional restrictions for Liverpool City Region after the announcments of the new COVID Alert levels. 
12.10.2020 - The Prime Minister has announced a new set of Local Area COVID Alert levels.  Please click on the link below ro read the new guidance.