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Thank you for visiting our Y2 Class Page, we hope you enjoy looking through our learning journey and finding out all about us and the exciting work we do. Y2 are enthusiastic, eager to learn and are supportive to one another. We celebrate our differences and together we achieve our best.


Y2 are taught by Mrs.Strode and supported by Mrs. Braithwaite.


January 2021 School Closure


Dear Y2 children, parents and carers,


I hope everyone is well and staying safe at home. As school is currently closed to most children, work will be set on Google Classroom on a daily basis. Everyone has their own login which are the same ones we use for homework. However, if there is anyone who needs a reminder, please do contact the school and we will be happy to help.


Children should be engaging in around 3 hours of work a day and lessons will be designed to fit to this time frame. To ensure a broad and balanced curriculum, please find below a timetable of suggested learning and the amount of time spent on each one. This timetable will begin on Monday 11th January and we will be working to a 2 week rotation of lessons with Phonics, English and Maths taking place everyday. Please remember to load any photos or work completed onto the Google Classroom for me to see.




English Daily

Maths Daily

Physical Activity 

WK 1 pm

WK 2 pm




Phonics 30mins using RWI Virtual Classroom


English Lesson

30/40 mins

10 mins Rockstars or Basic Maths Skills

Maths Lesson 30/40 mins

20/30 mins indoor or outdoor activity


60 mins


60 mins



Sing Up 9.00am


Phonics 30mins

RWI Virtual Classroom


English Lesson

30/40 mins

10 mins Rockstars or Basic Maths Skills

Maths Lesson 30/40 mins

20/30 mins indoor or outdoor activity


60 mins


60 mins



Phonics 30mins

RWI Virtual Classroom


English Lesson

30/40 mins

10 mins Rockstars or Basic Maths Skills

Maths Lesson 30/40 mins

20/30 mins indoor or outdoor activity


60 mins


60 mins



Reading 30mins using Oxford Owls


English Lesson

30/40 mins

10 mins Rockstars or Basic Maths Skills

Maths Lesson 30/40 mins

20/30 mins indoor or outdoor activity


60 mins


60 mins



Reading and Comprehension 30mins using Oxford Owls


English Lesson

30/40 mins

10 mins Rockstars or Basic Maths Skills

Maths Lesson 30/40 mins

20/30 mins indoor or outdoor activity


60 mins


60 mins


It would also be great if children can engage in a physical activity each day. A list of suggested activities has been posted on the Google Classroom.


Every Tuesday morning at 9.00am it would be great if everyone could join in a live singing session with Sing Up. What an uplifting way to start the day! 

Use the link below to join in.   


Take care everyone and I look forward to seeing all your fantastic work.

Stay safe and see you soon.

Best wishes

Mrs Strode





September 2020

A HUGE welcome back to school Y2! It is great to have you back in class after being away for so long. School looks a little different at the moment and it may take a little while for us all to pick up the new rules and routines, but we'll do that together as a class wink



Y2 will have P.E. every Friday morning. Children will need a P.E. kit which consists of a white t-shirt, black/navy shorts and black pumps. All P.E. kits should be brought into school in a bag on Friday morning and taken home at the end of the day to be washed. We will not be storing P.E. kits in school at this time.



Children will be given homework via our Google Classrooms which many children accessed during the school closure. Information regarding this will be sent home shortly and children will access it with the class codes set. If children are unable to access Internet learning at home, paper copies can be supplied.


Reading Books

Children are currently being assessed in their reading and in the coming weeks we will be giving out reading books which match your child's reading ability. One book will be given out on a Monday and will need to be returned on the Thursday. 


Additional Information

Water Bottles - Please ensure your child has a water bottle to bring in with their name on, Children will keep their bottle on their table and take it home at the end of each day to be washed.


Pencil Cases and Toys - All children have a pack of pencils and stationery which only they use. For the time being, please do not bring in any other pencil cases, cards or toys from home. We are trying to limit the number of items travelling to and from school.


Obviously, school is a little different for us all at the moment but please do ask if you have any questions about the new routines. Keep on checking our class page to find out what we are up to in class and our Y2 Twitter page.





Friday 18th September

Google Classrooms

Today, your child will be bringing home a letter explaining all about Google Classrooms, some children may have accessed this before during the school closure. Please encourage your child to log into our Y2 classroom over the weekend and open up the word document attached. If your child can tell me the secret message on Monday, they will earn themselves 10 Dojo points!


To access the Y2 classroom you will need to enter the following codes...


English Homework   jqucdfq

Maths Homework    zffri5j

Other Subjects      i4rt7ta

Many thanks

Mrs Strode

Y2 Closure Update!

Dear Y2 Parents and Children,

I hope you are all well and keeping safe. It seems such a long time since we closed the school for a short while and now know the school will be closed for another 3 weeks! I am missing you all and think about you daily and how you are all getting on. 

By now, I am sure many of you will have completed your packs and are looking for new challenges to occupy your days. To support your learning at home, please find below a page of useful online resources school has put together to access during this time.

Also remember to continue with daily reading and writing activities, even if it's just a sentence or two. Within all homework packs for Maths, there was a list of end of year expectations, Timestable Rockstars on a daily basis would really help with instant recall of multiplication and division skills.


Stay safe and take care of each other.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Best wishes

Mrs Strode

                            New Useful Resources

Please find below some additional resources and websites to support families during these difficult and uncertain times.


LCC’s Early Help Team have created a blog for families.  


The blog covers the following areas;


  • Local Organisation Support - CAMHS
  • Top Tips
  • Parenting Guides
  • Pregnant or New Mums
  • Home Learning
  • Museums and Places to visit online
  • Make Time To Play
  • Ideas for Playing Together
  • Six ways to maintain a routine
  • Managing your own Wellbeing
  • Employment Opportunities


The NSPPC have re-shared their online safety resources for families:


Other key resources:


UK Government online educational resources:


Online reading resources:!?q=&sortOption=AtoZ&pageNo=1



A book about Coronavirus for children - Illustrated by Axel Schefler

Google Classrooms Information


Hello everyone.  Below is the PDF document which has all of the children’s login and password details for them to log into the class’ Google Classrooms.  We really hope you enjoy having a go at logging in and completing the work or tasks given. They will really help you while we are unable to be in school.


If you are struggling with logging in, please click on the following link to watch a video on how to access the Classrooms.

Google Classrooms - Classroom CODES


Below are the codes you will need to input to gain access to the Classrooms (again if unsure what to do – watch the video in the link above)


The class codes for each of the year 2 classrooms are:


English classroom: 2disciu


Maths classroom: 7buqjdl


Other subjects classroom:


Science: 7s6qpag



Y5 Art Competition - Please Vote!

Just before school closed, some of our Y5 children entered an Art competition. Please support our school by voting for one of our Y5 children following the link below.



There are some excellent websites which we use in school to support learning. Your child will have their password stuck into their reading diary.



As school is now currently closed, I hope all parents were able to pick up a learning pack to support your child's learning at home.

Below are some of the websites suggested in the pack and the covering letter explaining some of the activities your child could work through during the closure.

My thoughts are with you all and I hope to see you very soon.

Take care and best wishes.

Mrs Strode x

Thursday 9th January

Today, Y2 have been using 2Paint to recreate the work of Impressionist artists such as Monet, Degas and Renoir. They all did a fantastic job using the different brush sizes, colours and water effects.

Monday 6th January

Welcome Back and Happy New Year!


I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and a well deserved rest. The children came into class today with lots to tell and enjoyed sharing their holiday stories with the class.

After a busy morning, we started our new Science topic all about 'Materials' where children had to identify the objects and what they were made from. There were some very interesting suggestions from the class smiley

Friday 11th October

Maths Homework - This week we have been using the apparatus to add one and two digit numbers. Work has been stuck into each child's book either adding together one digit numbers or two digit numbers and children need to show their working out.


English Homework - This week we have been looking at non-fiction books about animals. For homework, children have been asked to draw their favourite animal with labels and write a few sentences about it.

Friday 4th October

Maths homework this week is online using MyMaths. All children have their individual logins from earlier this term.


English homework has been stuck into the children's books and is a reading comprehension or match words activity.

Wednesday 2nd October

Today, Y2 have shown what fabulous artists they are by sketching an enlarged self portrait. I'm so proud of you Y2!

Friday 27th September

English Homework

This week, the children have been writing letters based around the book 'Gorilla' by Anthony Browne. Today's homework is to write a letter as Hannah to the zoo keeper. In the letter, explain how much fun you had at the zoo but how you felt the animals looked a bit sad. Suggest ways to make the animals happier e.g. putting swings or a play area in their cages, different foods, other friends etc. I'm sure everyone will have lots of great ideas!


Maths Homework

This has been stuck in the homework book. We continue to order numbers to 100 and look at place value.


In Y2 this week, we have been using different apparatus to partition numbers and when using the computers, children were able to change the background and characters on a computer program. As part of our art work, we have been blending pastels to make different tones of colour.

Friday 20th September

What another busy week! The children have worked hard on their counting in 2s, 5s and 10s in Maths. In English, we continue to look at the book 'Gorilla' by Anthony Browne and have made puppets and retold the story verbally. 


Children have brought home their English homework today. Please support your child in describing the character of the Gorilla, what he looks like and also his behaviour, giving examples from the story.


In Maths, we have sent home a new login for MyMaths where the children can access their homework online. Passwords have been attached to the front cover of the English homework books. Please remove this sheet and keep it somewhere safe at home. I'm sure the children will enjoy working through their homework online.



Monday 16th September

What a fun start to the week! Children from Y1 to Y6 were treated this morning to an amazing performance of Pinocchio by a theatre company who visited our school. The performance had the children spellbound and the teachers too!

Friday 13th September

An amazing first full week back for the children after the long summer break. The children in Y2 have settled extremely well and are picking up new routines quickly. I look forward to getting to know individual children better in the coming weeks.


Homework has been given out to all children today and their Maths and English homework books need to be returned by next Tuesday. Reading books will be changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday providing parents/carers have signed the Reading Diary to indicate the book has been read at home.


Please enjoy the following pictures of what Y2 have been doing this week!

Welcome Back Y2

Class of 2019-2020

Tuesday 4th June

Today, the children were an investigation in Maths to see which packet of chocolate had the most number of chocolates in it. The children had to first count the chocolates in each bag and record the information in a tally chart, they then presented this information in a bar graph. Hmmm...I wonder what happened to the chocolate after that???wink

In the afternoon, children were introduced to the artwork of Piet Mondrian and had a go at recreating some of his abstract work using the computer.

Monday 3rd June

Welcome Back!!!

Today, Y2 have started reading their new book in English - James and the Giant Peach.

After reading a few of the chapters we had a go at acting out some scenes with Aunt Sponge, Aunt Spiker and James. The children had lots of fun being bossy!






Maths - Children have different worksheets consolidating simple multiplication and division facts.


English - Today your child has brought home a reading comprehension to complete. Please ensure your child writes the answers in their English homework book.


Spellings for each group are below. Please support your child in learning their spellings for a spell check next Thursday.


This week, Y2 are looking at measuring using different units. If you go shopping this week, it will be an excellent opportunity to point out the weight of different foods and how much liquid bottles hold.

Homework this week: Friday 25th January


Maths - We have been looking at fractions of both shapes and numbers. Children have differentiated work looking at finding 1/2 1/3 and 1/4 of a shape. Some children have work on finding fractions of numbers.


English - This week's homework is a reading comprehension. 

This week, Y2 have been making 3D flowers from clay. The texture was a new experience for some.
This term's Science topic is all about growing plants. Y2 have been busy planting different seeds to see how quickly they grow. They have also investigated what a plant needs to grow.

Phase One Christmas Performance 2018

Our Curriculum - Long term Plan 2019 - 20